Please read all registration types carefully prior to completing registration. All registrations will be reviewed, you may be asked to switch registration types if the original selection does not apply to the GCM Grosvenor categorization.  

Please note due to the combined events of Consortium and SEM registration numbers will be monitored closely to ensure a diversified and balanced attendance based across asset classes and registration types.

Registration for Consortium is now closed. Refunds are available through May 19, 2023. Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Consultants to institutional investors.

Institutional investors and allocators: foundations, public/private pension plans, Taft-Hartley/unions, endowments, single family offices and high net worth advisers. 

Fundof-funds, managerof-managers, multi-family offices, outsourced CIOs.

Placement agents, broker-dealers, investment banks, accounting firms, law firms, industry partners, and others.

Fund managers and investor relations representatives.

Small, early-stage, and established.  

Firms in which women or minority professionals account for at least 33% ownership of firm economics. We define minority professionals as: 

  • Women 
  • Ethnically diverse 
  • LGBTQ individuals 
  • Veterans  
  • Individuals with disabilities

Fund managers and investor relations representatives.

Early-stage/Emerging and small.

  • Private equity, real estate, and infrastructure managers that have launched three or fewer funds with a target fund size of less than $1 billion
  • Venture fund managers that have launched three or fewer funds with a target fund size of less than $500 million 
  • Absolute Return Strategies or Hedge Fund managers less than 3 years old 

Employees who work for GCM Grosvenor. 

During the conference, GCM Grosvenor collects limited information about you and your company (e.g., your name, company name, company email, title, investment focus, and firm profile information). By registering, you grant GCM Grosvenor permission to use and publish this information, along with images and recordings of you at the conference, for any usual and customary purpose of GCM Grosvenor, including public advertisements for GCM Grosvenor and its conferences. If you do not wish to have your registration information, photographs, audio or video recordings shared, you can opt-out by sending a request [email protected] 

Group of business women talking

Featured Sessions

Business conference attendee

VIP Connect

Long a cornerstone of Consortium, VIP Connect returns to create an intersection where LPs, consultants, and diverse and emerging managers meet. During these one-on-one meetings, institutional investors and their advisors discuss with GPs their investment programs, focus, considerations, and processes. 

Business conference attendees

LP Intensive

In this session, LPs will learn from each other about various governance models, actionable processes, internal and external management strategies, pitfalls to avoid, and investment approaches that are unique to their plan based on size, structure, and other factors.

Business conference speaker

GP Bootcamp

This year's GP Bootcamp will feature the iconic coaching sessions facilitated by LPs, GPs, and consultants. They will focus on topics that best serve diverse and emerging managers who are looking to successfully fundraise during these challenging times.

Business conference panel

Investors in Action

In a unique interview-style format, institutional investors discuss how they are structuring their portfolios to mitigate challenges presented by a difficult market environment. Investors will address the steps they are taking to meet their objectives and highlight the role diverse and emerging managers can play to help them do so in 2023 and beyond.