June 11, 2020

GCM Grosvenor Conference Welcome

Creating Scale: Building a Stronger Ecosystem for Diverse and Women Managers

Jon Levin, President, GCM Grosvenor
Renae Griffin, Executive Director, GCM Grosvenor

General Session

The Impact of COVID-19 on Small, Emerging, and Diverse Manager Investing, and the Rationale for Expanding Allocations

If history repeats itself, and we are facing a financial crisis like we did in 2007-08, many diverse managers have displayed the resilience, agility, and ability to potentially outperform larger managers coming out of down markets.* This interactive session will explore why this is, and get answers to the question: Is now the time to destroy old barriers and increase investments to SEDMs?

Francis Idehen, Chief Operating Officer, GCM Grosvenor
AJ Hernandez, Director of Emerging Managers, New York Common Retirement Fund
Bill Lee, Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, New York-Presbyterian Hospital
Leslie Lenzo, Chief Investment Officer, Advocate Aurora Health


Take this time to step away from your screen, get some fresh air, grab some lunch, or check emails.

LP Intensive: An Educational Institutional Investor-Only Forum

Exploring LP-Consultant Relationships through Data and Discussion

The stage will be set with a look into the recently released Diverse Asset Manager Initiative “DAMI” Second Annual Investment Consultant Survey. Robert Raben will guide the discussion examining diversity practices of America’s top consultants, and highlight the critical role they play in increasing investments in diverse and women managers.

Anchored in data, we will then hear from Consultants and LPs on the complexities of the Consultant/LP relationship, the hurdles they face, and the steps they take to increase commitments to diverse and women managers.

DAMI Investment Consultant Survey Presentation
Robert Raben, Chief Executive Officer, The Raben Group / Diverse Asset Manager Initiative

Panel Discussion
Sam Austin, Partner, NEPC
Bert Feuss, Senior Vice President, Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Nat Kellogg, Director of Manager Search, Managing Partner, Marquette Associates, Inc.
Rochelle Witharana, Chief Financial Officer, California Wellness Foundation

GP Bootcamp

45-minute panel discussion followed by 30-minute coaching sessions

Keeping your Firm and Client Portfolios Safe During a Time of Crisis
This session addresses critical questions, including:
– How are SEDMs safeguarding their firms’ culture, employees, and operations?
– How are they working with underlying companies most impacted?
– How are they seeking to take advantage of opportunities in the current market?
– How are they easing the nerves of clients and maintaining relationships?

David Richter, Managing Director, GCM Grosvenor
Anar Chudgar, Managing Director, Artemis Real Estate Partners
Tony W. Lee, Founder and Managing Partner, One Rock Capital Partners
Rebecca Pacholder, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Snowcat Capital Management

Coaching Sessions
These sessions will explore themes across asset classes and provide effective tools for managers to scale their businesses, with an eye toward building a larger diverse manager ecosystem.

Each session is unique opportunity to sit in on a live discussion tackling important topics in today’s environment. Diverse and women managers, consultants, and service providers to take part in these live discussions to gain insights, and practical tools. (All sessions will be available on-demand through our Bootcamp library.)

Consultant/Client Manager Relationships, How Do Diverse and Women Managers Qualify?
Angel Haddad, Senior Vice President, Callan

What Matters Most to LPs in the Next 12 months? How Do GPs Position Their Firms to Meet LPs’ Needs?
Jose Gonzales, Investment Officer, Diverse & Emerging Managers, Teachers’ Retirement Systems for State of Illinois

Marketing Reboot: Fundraising in 2020
Susan Kirshner, Founder, Words Plus Numbers, LLC
Elizabeth Wahab, Chief Operating Officer, Cornell Capital

Due Diligence Bootcamp
Heather Faust, Partner and Managing Director, Argand Partners
Dasha Ziska, Principal, GCM Grosvenor

Mitigating Risk in an Uncertain Market
Jessica Portis, Not-for-Profit Consulting Services Leader, Mercer